Stage 2 – Prepare the Plan

2. Prepare the plan

Preparation of Draft Plan

The Steering Group develops proposals (advised or assisted by the local planning authority)

  • gather baseline information and evidence
  • engage and consult those living and working in the neighbourhood area and those with an interest in or affected by the proposals (e.g. service providers)
  • talk to land owners and the development industry
  • identify and assess options
  • determine whether a plan or an Order is likely to have significant environmental effect
  • start to prepare proposals documents e.g. basic conditions statement

Pre-submission publicity & consultation

The Steering Group will then:

  • publicise the draft plan and invite representations
  • consult the consultation bodies as appropriate
  • send a copy of the draft plan to the local planning authority
  • consider consultation responses and amends plan if appropriate
  • prepare consultation statement  and other proposal documents

Submission of a neighbourhood plan proposal to the local planning authority

  • submit the plan proposal to the local planning authority
  • Local planning authority checks that submitted proposal complies with all relevant legislation
  • If the local planning authority finds that the plan meets the legal requirements it:
    • publicises the proposal for minimum 6 weeks and invites representations
    • notifies consultation bodies referred to in the consultation statement
    • appoints an independent examiner (with the agreement of the qualifying body)

The completed plan was submitted to Milton Keynes Council in January 2017. The plan as submitted can be viewed here

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