Independent Examination

May 2017

Milton Keynes Council (MKC) has received the Examiner’s report on the Olney Neighbourhood Plan, submitted to MKC by Olney Town Council in January 2017. The Examiner, Mr John Slater, has recommended that the Olney Neighbourhood Plan, as modified by his recommendations, should now proceed to referendum.  He has also concluded that the plan, if amended in line with his recommendations, meets all the statutory requirements including the basic conditions test. A copy of the Examiner’s Report (PDF, 172KB) can be viewed via this webpage.

The Council will arrange for the modifications to be made to the Plan (including some additional minor changes), as set out in its Decision Statement (PDF, 62KB) after which the Olney Neighbourhood Plan as amended in line with the modifications will be published on this website. It is hoped that subsequent to this, the referendum will take place in late June or early July 2017. The Examiner has recommended that the referendum will cover the whole of the Olney Town Council area.

The Submission documents provided by Olney Town Council were the following:

The Town Council has also published a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) Report in support of their Neighbourhood Plan. The Council is inviting representations from statutory consultees, interested parties and any persons who are affected, or likely to be affected by, or have an interest in the Report and neighbourhood plan to submit representations by Wednesday 8 March 2017.

The SEA Report is available to access at: